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February 11, 2013


Texas Jack

Can we stop wasting time with this trash, just take him down to Huntsville and hook Old Sparky up and get rid of the waste of time and food

Duncan Wallace

Dirtball human scum commits murder during robbery. Why do people have a problem with that reality when the victim was being robbed for cannabis? Do those people really think that Mr. Austin wouldn't shoot them just as dead for the cash in their wallet?


Legalize it and this will go away!


In other news, a 21-year-old man who wanted to drink a beer on his back patio went to a local convenience store, showed ID to a clerk and purchased some beer, which he brought back home and drank.

Judi Valverde

Hopefully Austin will get what is coming to him in prison, Karma willing.

Judi Valverde

RadicalRuss s/b RadicalWuss

Gary Nelson

The kid was stealing from him. Death is a little harsh. However in Texas the best soultion for anything is either a gun or a prayer.

Kinda like taking the shell shocked soldger to the gun range for some therapy. I don't think that worked out too well. Although he did get a pretty cool funeral out of the ordeal. No one seems to recognize just how stupid he really was. The poor guy who did the shooting is the real victim here. Yea, he was nuts. But taking a nutcase to a gunrange is really nuts. Even for a hero!

Jane doe

You know, what shane did was wrong, but I have known this boy since we were five. Death is very harsh in ANY situation, even for the man who raped me. Forgive, but do not forget. I don't know what was going through Shane's head, but I feel for both families considering I knew shane's family and my boss's daughter was best friend with the kid he shot. :/ All I can think about is their mothers. No parent should have to bury their child or be ashamed and persecuted for who their son is and hear such hurtful things about him or how he should die. :((

If anything is to be said, it should be consoling words for their mothers. How very unfortunate.


I was a huge part of the Austin family. Very close with them and still am to this day. Shane was a great guy, in the wrong place at the wrong time and made the wrong decision. His decision eats at him to this day and he never meant for anyone to get hurt. He simply was trying to scare them away. Shane's mother was heartbroken. I witnessed this with my own eyes, they raised him to live to God's standards and they are an amazing family. Shane also had 3 younger siblings which he will never get to be apart of lives. He was wrong by all means, but he is not a psycho or a man who had an ugly soul. His family aches over what feels like a loss as does Myles. I feel so terrible Myles died in this situation it's unfortunate it was all over a bag of weed. This would have never happened if neither guy was involved in illegal substances. I pray that both families find peace somewhere and for both Myles and Shane..that God has mercy on each.

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