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February 12, 2013


Texas Jack

OMG!!! what are the bedwetting moronic libs going to cry about now. They are in favor of drugs and crime...just not criminals being punished or drugs outlawed


Surely the autopsy mentioned anatomical observations that establish the "immediate" cause of death like the Phencyclidine % concentrations in the blood and tissues and indications of primary respiratory depression such as Pulmonary edema.

"the manner of death was accidental"? What was the accident, being tased too many times or for to long? How did they establish anything in this case was "accidental" which implys there was a miscalculation. "unintend consequence" might be a better description of what happened. If he died of a drug overdose which they may be loosely suggesting, was that an "accident"?

There is something unsatisfying about this article, I am not sure if it's the reporting or the autopsy report. The ST should attach a copy of the autopsy report, the Texas Public Information Act deems autopsies public information.



Thank you for clearing up the issues in this article which has apparently been rewritten more than once to clear up some vague statements and imprecise language.


That's some pretty stupid stuff there, Texas Jack.

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