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March 04, 2013



I didn't know someone could drive while shooting at a car in front of them without help from a passenger, and then that passenger not be charged also for murder.


I would like to know Hansana's background, e.g. parents, education and
criminal history.
I do believe that our government policies that create failed family units breed this type of criminal. This statement is not intended to give an alibi or absolve this man of his guilt. Sounds like a case for the death penality.


So very sad, and unbelievable. What a waste of a life over nothing. This is a tragedy perpetrated by an extremely selfish person and persons. I would enjoy being on the jury for these low-lifes.


Where are the Doughnut Cops who patrol these areas ? Random shootings like this is Chicago.All these criminals have been released to prey on the public at will.We realize we cannot keep them locked up forever..but the Courts reduce their charges the parole board releases them due to funds and overcrowding..knowing these Jokers will return to crime to support their drug habit.


Brem is hard to prove that a passenger under the influence of meth would approve of her partner shooting a innocent person.


This breaks my heart. I had to rush my family pet to where Ms. Blackmon worked a few months ago and she was such a sweet caring person and took such great care of my dog, I can't imagine the loss this family is having. I am saying many many prayers for this family's loss. She was such a sweet beautiful lady.

C Warriner

Low-life people murder an educated, productive member of society. This deserves the death penalty to both the shooter and his accomplice girlfriend.


These types of people will always have matter what gun control is enacted.


What is so sad is that I actually know this kid. He dropped out of school in 8th grade, he thinks he is a gang member (blood), and also he was heavy on methamphetamines. The sad part is he probably didn't even know what he had done until he started coming down from what he was on. It was inevitable that he was going to go to prison for something but didn't think it would be for murder. There are a lot of these so called gang members. They call them self "Laos" ( not sure how to spell it). They think that they cant be touched or messed with. There are many of them all around fort worth. I cant believe that this has happened. I feel a great loss for the family & friends of the victim. My prayers go out to them.

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