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April 11, 2013



Another gun on the street (sigh) RIP poor Moline.

Rusty White

"Moline’s death is an outrage," said Sheriff Larry Fowler,”
“”and cruelty to non-livestock animals/torture,””

REALLY? So if you have a badge it’s ok to kill family pets, right?

, many dogs have been slaughtered in drug raids — Payton and Chase are the most famous. Prince George County SWAT, intercepting a package of marijuana addressed to Mayor Cheye Calvo’s wife Trinity, and knowing that criminals were addressing packages to innocents and intercepting them, nonetheless burst into the Mayor’s home without even enough investigation to know he was the Mayor or even notifying local police, shot the two dogs (Chase was running away from them when they killed him), and kept the Mayor and his mother-in-law handcuffed on the floor for hours in their dogs’ blood.

Rusty White

Just what I thought, you don't have the honesty to post my comment, really?? How sad, and you wonder why nobody post on your stories, GO FIGURE!!!

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