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April 05, 2013


rusty  white

Why is it the truth and common sense "do not and can not" be used to support this failure known as the war on drug, but we the tax payers are forced to? "IF" it is working after 45+ years, over a "TRILLION" tax dollars and more people behind bars than any other country! Why are we hearing "regularly" of the biggest drug bust ever, all across this nation???

Would not common sense dictate “IF” we were or have ever been winning this war, sadly one against our own nations sons and daughters. Would not and should not the need for more resources, jails, courts, prisons as well as the harm being done to “both” sides, should be going down not up year after year, right??? Who is “stupid” enough to believe we are going through a 45+ year learning curve??? If you can handle the truth google drugwarvictims by drug warrant!

Sadly this failed policy is doing far more damage than good, it has turned our prison in to “people ranches” for profit going to the highest bidder! Even more disgusting is “some” of our “supposed” public servants believe they have the right and authority to “cavity search” our mothers and daughters on the side of our freeways!!!! When is Enough, ENOUGH????

There Has To Be A Better Way, help us find it!

Rusty White
Speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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