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May 08, 2013



WOW!! 49 years is a high price to pay for being a burglar/robber.. He must have had one scary past record to warrant such a sentence else he rubbed the judicial system the wrong way.. How much 'real' time is 49 years in TX? About 5 maybe, possibly 16? I guess the second number would be appropriate with the rest being on parole.. but 49 years straight time? man some rapist/murderers don't receive that much.


yea murderers and child rapist normally don't get that much time but that's good ole' Texas for ya. I am sure its all politics as usual as far as the prosecution goes. That guy was likely a long time drug addict and not some career dangerous criminal as the article may lead us to believe. A drug rehab or mental institution would had been more suitable. Not existing more of my damn tax dollars to house this drug addict for the next 20 years. DAMN!

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