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June 25, 2013



these meth heads should be thrown into a barrel and lit up like they did those puppies.

I want to see both of these criminals chained to an outside post in the Texas heat with a bean sprout and 1 cup of water in front of them just out of reach and let them bake in the Texas 104 degree temp for 1 week. Make them Suffer so much then let the buzzards take over. So what is inhumane now. Course now there getting 3 squares a day air condition tv. And no puppies to burn. If people want to stay crazy send them to Skid Row.

I guess noone told him you can't kill or take matters into your own warped mind. I bet he has a rap sheet mile long. Some one out there will see this never happens again and cut is fingers off so they can never touch or use his hands for destruction I bet he wouldn't even miss them.

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