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August 07, 2013



Perpetual government handouts like welfare, housing assistance, food stamps, government smart phones, tend to addict people to them, be they black, white, brown, yellow, pink or purple, for generation after generation.

It teaches people that they don't have to be responsible for taking care of themselves and/or take responsibility for their own actions.

Perpetual government programs more importantly to the point, tend to teach people not to think very far ahead in their everyday lives.

People that work have to plan ahead to: get to work every day, budget their money for their bills, understand natural consequences of hanging out on the street to all hours of the night and not being able to go to work the next day.

People who have live on government assistance, for generations, have had their natural consequences stolen away from them by good intentions.

They tend to live totally in the moment, without any thought of future consequences, because there aren't any.

And we wonder why our youth kill each other over a moments impulse.


Mr. Sunshine

GaryL, your head is a dumspter.

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