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Interview Results: Rickey C. Cooper

Rickeycooper Hello and Good Day,

I am informing everyone that on January 5, 2010 I am expecting a call from my potential future employer for a job offer. From my previous interview on December 16, 2009 they informed me that this is the date they will determine who gets the job. I am sustaining from revealing who the potential employer is due to intense competition. 

Also I have not stopped submitting on-line applications and networking during the Holidays. I have remained active searching for employment pending the decision on January 5, 2010. I will most definitely inform you with the decision that my potential employer decides. 

The Job that I am praying for is within the IT Field and I do believe that I would enjoy this position because it will enable me to utilize my excellent people skills. 

OK America till next time God Bless You and Happy New Year!


Rickey C. Cooper


Found My Homes: Nancy Wood

Nancywood Well, I received the call the confirming the “start date” the next day, Thursday, after my last blog entitled, “Anxious”. Then it was the welcomed scrambled to pack the car and leave on Friday so that I would have a day (Sunday) to rest and prepare for my first day of work on Monday, Dec. 7th. My two-day drive to Savannah, Georgia consisted of me re-living my compliments and well wishes from family and friends --- in between the “check engine light” that came on in Texas, meeting snow and ice in Mississippi the next morning, and worrying about my listless cat, Candy, several hours from our final destination.

Orientation is the usual orientation with three direct hires and a dozen contract employees (from Kelly Services) with varying lengths of assignments and representing a wide range of talents; few for administrative assistant positions. Everywhere you travel is a visualization of the company’s product from spectacular pictures on the wall, on video monitors, to watching co-workers on the assembly floors known as hangars.

I was hired by one of the largest employers in Savannah, Georgia called Gulfstream Aerospace Company, A General Dynamics Company. In my capacity as a Senior Administrative Associate I am responsible for one extremely busy Director of Final Phase Materials – his meeting schedules, presentations, etc. He is a superb executive manager overseeing a department of about 70 people.

The employees and managers at all levels are friendly, helpful and each has an outstanding pride in this company and the job they do. With approximately 5,500 Gulfstream employees, being at the company for 10 years or more is the norm with so many exceeding the 25 years of service and/or being second or third generation employees.

Gulfstream is the Rolls Royce of private jet planes whose customers are the rich and famous, heads of large companies, and heads of countries. The starting price for our product is $45 million and we have a backlog. You have probably have seen our aircraft in the movies and television – most prominently is on the television show “Criminal Minds.”

Besides each air vehicle’s interior cabin being custom designed by the customer, luxury abounds in its soft, supple leather seats, in the hand-woven silk carpeting (around $100,000), its distinctive large oval shaped windows, and its wings have a signature upturn forming a perpendicular (90 degree) angle. Walking pass our products daily is a joy to behold. In my position, I will have an opportunity to ride in a Gulfstream on one of its test flights with my Director. I can hardly wait for this highlight in my life – something that would have never made my “bucket list.”

Needless to say, I am thrilled to go to work each day as I chiseled away at the learning curve consciously ensuring myself and Gulfstream that they made the right decision in hiring me. After all, my director received around 200 applications for this position (I heard about this later). I appreciate my exceptional array of benefits that began on the hire date. I doubly appreciate another opportunity to save in a company matching 401K program. My generous starting salary is enhanced with my desirable work schedule of 9 working hours a day Monday to Thursday, leaving me off every Friday at 11:30!

While I have found my home, returning back to Savannah, GA (hooray!) that I left two years ago due to illness, and a work home with a prominent company utilizing work skills and knowledge not in my recent work history, I wish for you your version of connecting to a “work home” - right now! Please add flexibility (explore related alternative career paths) to your version of staying strong (confident) and focused (devoted to getting out the resumes and networking every day – it’s a numbers game). The end result may pleasantly surprise you. Happy holidays and much success now and in the future to you and yours.

Signing off - Nancy Wood -



Job Interview: Rickey C. Cooper

Rickeycooper Job Interview Wednesday 12/16/2009 at 10:00 CST in Dallas, Texas. 

Wow! can you believe this with the year about to end. There was an article that indicated ''Not To Stop Your Job Search'' towards the end of year and I took that advice. 

I received a call Monday for a possible opportunity to join a institution in Dallas, Texas. I will interview tomorrow and the interviewer informed me that they will not make a decision until the first of 2010. I was OK with that because this will give me a positive outlook going into the Christmas Holidays knowing that I could be employed starting the New Year. I will keep you informed on this Interview process and I would also like to inform you to don't give up on your job search during the Holidays and the Closing of the Year. 


Rickey C. Cooper



Seasoned pros take seasonal work, continue job search

Andyharvey Here's our story on jobseeking professionals who are taking seasonal work to keep their skills up.

- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram


(Photo: Andy Harvey)


Green Jobs: Rickey C. Cooper

Rickeycooper Green Jobs:

Watching CNN this week and listening to Rick Sanchez reference Green Jobs seems like the only way we out of work Americans will get back into workforce and start contributing to society with tax money.

I have been searching some of the websites that he referenced and I will list them for you to browse and possibly use to obtain employment:

1. http://greenenergyjobsonline.com/

2. http://www.environmentalcareer.com/

3. http://www.training4green.com/

Those are just three websites to get you started and obtain some training with this new wave of Go Green, This might be our answer - just might. Also this is just a suggestion since nothing else seems to be working.

Also on a sad note I would like to send my condolences to the Frank Matthews Family in Boswell, Texas, Frank deceased yesterday at a early age and died abruptly while having routine medical procedures performed. Frank Matthews was a co-worker of mine for 10 years at my last place of employment and was the Joker of the workplace haahahah.

We are nearing the close of 2009 and wow it's been an entire year with no possible opportunities to obtain employment within my designated field of choice and that would be Information Technology. My wife is encouraging me to switch careers which Yes! this sounds good to me because I do believe the IT outlook in the DFW Metroplex is at a standoff at this time. OK America till next time stay strong and focused and the Lord will deliver us from unemployment. 


Rickey C. Cooper


Many jobseekers dial down search during holidays: a mistake?

Mrandall Here's our story from Sunday on why it makes sense to continue your job search during the holidays.

- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram


(Photo: Mark Randall)


Anxious: Nancy Wood

Nancywood It’s Wednesday night, December 2, 2009. I am still in Irving, Texas awaiting final word on the completion of my background check for my newly accepted position in Savannah, GA. I’ve had contact with their Human Resources Department last week and this week requesting additional information regarding my periods of unemployment and a request for personal references.

I admitted to time off for knee surgery last year. So far, my references have not been contacted.

I was okay not starting on Nov. 30th as it enabled me to spend Thanksgiving with my youngest daughter. It was special since this year we will probably not be together for Christmas.

Today I thought I would receive the call confirming Dec. 7th to begin work. I imagined rushing around the house repacking my car, confirming the final details on my travel plans, and leaving for Savannah tomorrow morning.

My daughter listened to my confession today I am anxious and losing my momentum to get miscellaneous projects completed. I feel vacant not looking for employment as I had done so for many months.

Believe me I do not look forward to the many daily hours of job-hunting again but something inside aches that I am not working yet. Therefore, I should be seeking employment by the usual job-seeking means. I guess I feel slighted not knowing how long this process would take as I would have sought temporary (holiday) part-time employment weeks ago and/or marketed my new business venture.

You may know this about me by now. Patience is not my strong suit – it can be overcome with the state of anxious. Anxious is not in keeping with staying strong and focused. - Nancy L. Wood

AMR CEO Arpey to appear at Obama jobs forum

AMR Corp. CEO Gerard Arpey will appear Thursday at President Obama’s jobs forum at the White House, as the administration collects “ideas for continuing to grow the economy and put Americans back to work.”


- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram 


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