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Disabled jobseekers look for a break

Greg1 Here's our Monday story on the job market for people who have disabilities.

- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram



(Photos: Left, Greg Williams serves customers at Cowboys-San Diego game; below, Joe Ramos on the job at Goodwill.)





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If a person has a disability that is unrelated to the job or which can be reasonably accommodated, he should be interviewed and considered for hiring without respect for the disability.

If a person's disability interferes with his job in a way that cannot be reasonably accommodated, I have sympathy and empathy but as long as we are in a capitalist society, "them's the breaks." While I don't qualify for ADA, I have health issues that prevent me from working effectively at some jobs that I have the training and skills to do. This has impacted my career. Fortunately, there are jobs available I enjoy that put bread on the table, and I am grateful for that.

For those who, due to disability, cannot earn enough to make a living, we as a society need to accommodate them. This means at least a little bit of charity or socialism injected into our capitalist economy. Whether it's companies being charitable by taking a loss hiring someone whose handicap makes them an inefficient worker, or whether it's the government subsidizing wages so companies are only out a portion of the payroll based on the worker's actual efficiency, we as a country and as a people owe our less fortunate brothers and sisters a chance to contribute as much as they can to society and earn enough to meet their basic needs.

People with disabilities should be treated as equal people in the society. I've heard of successful disabled people and i find them very great!

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