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Employers expect lean staffs in years to come, report says

Employers expect lean staffs with emphasis on on contract or outsourced work rather than newly hired fulltime people, a new report sponsored by the Society for Human Resource Management says.


The report, Global Firms in 2020: The Next Decade of Change for Organizations and Workers, was published by the Economic Intelligence Unit.


“In a global survey of 479 senior executives, 67 percent of respondents agree with the statement, ‘We must maintain a leaner organization, hiring on contract or outsourcing work rather than hiring full-time staff over the next ten years’,” a summary of the report said.


Other trends IDd in the report:


* Companies will continue to “localize the management over overseas operations to leverage native managers’ keener cultural understanding of customers and employees.”


* Soft skills more important. “Companies will focus on building communication skills, cultural awareness and corporate values through international assignments and by bringing together groups of workers from different countries and functions into training sessions. Technical skills while mandatory....are seen...as less defining of the successful manager than the ability to work across cultures and build relationships with many different constituents.”


* Global talent pool. “Companies will partner with governments and universities to increase the pipeline of qualified candidates in emerging markets.”


* Diversity. “Workers will come from a greater range of backgrounds. Those with local knowledge of an emerging market, a global outlook and an intuitive sense of the corporate culture will be particularly valued.”


- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram


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