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More Tarrant County residents slip into poverty in 2009, Census says

More Tarrant County residents slipped into poverty in 2009, with an estimated 14.7 percent in poverty compared to 12.2 percent the prior year, the Census said Tuesday in its major American Community Survey.

Hispanics were more likely than blacks to be in poverty.

An estimated 25.2 percent of Hispanics were in poverty, compared to 19.5 percent in 2008.

An estimated 24.5 percent of blacks were in poverty, compared to 18 percent in 2008.

As for Texas, 17.2 percent were in poverty, compared to 16 percent the prior year.

Texans fared worse than the nation as a whole, with 14.3 percent of Americans in poverty, compared to 13.3 percent the prior year.

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- Scott Nishimura and Steve Campbell


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Yes sir, Perry is really taking care of Texas. The proverty rate has continued to increase under his watch. What a windbag. This recession, THE GREAT RECESSION, is a gift from the GOP which wishes all you poor folks a another ten years of poverty.

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