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Omni Fort Worth looks to fill 26 fulltime jobs

The Omni Fort Worth Hotel is trying to fill 26 fulltime-equivalent jobs as it looks ahead to the next 15 months. The hotel expects to finish this year at 65 percent occupancy, better than last year’s 55 percent, and projects an even better third year of operations in 2011, says Dan Piotrowski, the general manager.

SUPER BOWL HOTELS 4 Openings range from food service to housekeeping. “The labor pool is pretty good, except for culinary,” Piotrowski said. “That’s been the one area where we struggle.” Click here to visit the hotel's jobs site and view openings.

Of the hotel’s 349 FTEs, 194 are Fort Worth residents, and 106 are from the central city, Piotrowski said. The hotel recently hired a group of housekeepers through Catholic Charities, with Catholic Charities doing the initial screening, Piotrowski said.

With Super Bowl XLV coming up in February, and the Omni hosting the AFC team as well as major sponsors BNSF and Campbell’s Soup, Piotrowski doesn’t expect to have to hire any temporary help. “Really, none,” he says.

The game’s big volunteer push will, for example, place volunteers in the Omni 16 hours a day during game week, to answer questions about gameday policies, transportation, and maps, and taking that pressure off of the hotel’s concierge staff, Piotrowski said.

Additionally, he expects to bring in eight or 10 people from other Omni properties to help out, primarily managers and including building engineering, sous chef, a couple of security directors, housekeeping, and two food and beverage managers.

Piotrowski expects to give extra hours to existing employees.

Super Bowl week will bring about the same demands on the hotel's food and beverage staff as "any other citywide convention," he says, and possibly fewer obligations as far as the AFC's teams needs go.

- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram


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