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There's more to social media recruiting than just Facebook and linkedin

With recruiters increasingly using social media to find prospects, the landscape is shifting to take in other sites besides just oldtimers like linkedin and Facebook. 

EU Germany Facebook At this week’s big HR Southwest conference in Fort Worth, Cathy Henesey, manager of career services at Children's Medical Center of Dallas, took an unscientific poll of participants during a panel on using social media to recruit.

How many of you are on Facebook? 90 percent. Twitter? Half of hands went up.

“How many of you have your resumes posted on Monster or CareerBuilder?” Henesey asked. Zero.

How many of you are on linkedin? Everybody in the room.

But what about Foursquare, the site that allows users to “check in” everywhere from the office, to the yoga studio, favorite restaurants, the kids’ school, and back home again. Nobody in the room was on foursquare, but “a year from now, it might be 50 percent of the room,” Henesey said.

LinkedIn 3 And then there’s Hootsuite, which allows users to manage their social media networks through one site. No users in the room.

Some of Henesey’s take on the different sites:

Facebook: More companies are launching company pages with jobs tabs, although most company-run pages are for branding, not recruiting. As for the employee, she said, “the biggest decision we need to make is do we need two different pages?”

Linkedin: Henesey likes to use the site for recruiting, noting linkedin has accounts for at least 5,000 nurses in the Dallas area. But linkedin appears to be trying to drive more users from free accounts to paid upgrades that provide more information about accountholders, she said. One change, she noted, provides only the first name and first initial of the last name for third-level connections and lower, and requires an upgraded account for more information. For the recruiter, that puts a premium on driving up first-level linkedin connections, she said. Linkedin has built an impressive network, and now “they’re ready to start making money on it,” Henesey said. “That day is here. You really need to get your contacts into the three to 5,000 range. You are only going to have access to your first two levels.” Jobseekers should make sure their full name and contact info are in the body of the linkedin profile that’s shown to distant connections, she said. (DFW JobLog is trying to get a hold of a spokesperson for linkedin.)

Foursquare. Henesey sees a day when Foursquare will start introducing people of like professions who happen to be checked in, say, to the same Starbucks at the same time. If you’re a nurse, “it might say, there’s a another nurse in the corner,” she said. That’s a distance off, she said, “but I see the value.”

- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram


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