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Another 85,000 Texans set to exhaust jobless benefits without new federal extension

As Congress wrangles over whether to extend unemployment benefits, the Texas Workforce Commission “will continue to instruct claimants to file for their benefits if they are still unemployed, so that if Congress extends the deadline, we can pay those claimants retroactively,” Ann Hatchitt, spokeswoman for the commission in Austin, said.

“The Congressional bill to extend the deadline does not appear to be gaining traction in Congress, but TWC is monitoring the situation closely,” Hatchitt said.

Here’s a look at how many Texans are receiving unemployment benefits:

  • 54,508 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area are receiving regular state-funded benefits.
  • 75,258 additional DFW people have exhausted their state benefits and are receiving federally funded extended benefits.
  • Through October, about 466,000 Texans were receiving state or federal unemployment benefits.
  • About 117,000 more Texans have run out of all benefits.
  • The Texas Workforce Commission expects 85,000 more Texans will “immediately” have exhausted all benefits, if Congress doesn’t extend benefits again.
  • Some people who lost their jobs in 2008 and haven’t found one qualified for as much as 93 weeks of unemployment benefits – six months’ state-funded, and the remainder federally-paid.
  • If Congress doesn’t extend unemployment benefits by Monday’s deadline: People who are receiving unemployment benefits can complete the stage of the program they’re in, but won’t be eligible for extensions.

- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram


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mostly time I found blog but I naver gain lots of information but this blog have lots of important information abt this and I got lots of imformation on it . Thanks

Cathy, thank you for your comment. I have a lead on a national chain retailer that needs a number of seasonal people at its store in Southlake, and can't find anybody. This could turn into a more permanent opportunity after the season. Please message me with your email address if you're interested, and I'll email you the hiring manager's contact information. Thank you, Scott Nishimura, snishimura@star-telegram.com

John, assuming your benefits haven't run out yet, you're allowed to complete whatever stage you're in. Then there will be no more benefits after that. Your online record with the Texas Workforce Commission should reflect your remaining benefits. If your benefits have already run out, a new extension will not benefit you. Thank you, Scott Nishimura

I am unemployed for the last 9 months do I get unemployment benefits after Dec 2010

@Superiorpolitics I say well put.... I must admit that I am not a big Obama fan however, I feel they set him up for failure. Bush created all these finanial problems for the US and knew that the downfall would be on Obama. :( As far as unemployment benefits, my brother was denied, and my mother's just ran out. My family has always had their own places now half my family stays with my mom because they cant find a job and these jobs are firing people and finding ways through the loop to not have to pay benefits.... Im worried because my mother is over 50 and only has a 10% chance of finding a job to hire her. Its a sad day in America. I have a ?? How is it that people can come to America from all over the world and we(america) give them money for coming here. Give them money to start businesses and money for places to live and such. Im so confused that they dont have to even pay the money back and they get a tax break. Umm we are in debt. WTH..... SMH at America the place I call home.

The problem I have with the recent economic collapse is we, the U.S., have been down this road many times in our history. Have we not learned anything? Stimulus package, Trickle down none of this has worked. When we sat and watched George Bush de-regulate the financial markets and gave big business tax breaks for sending jobs over seas that's when we should have acted, done something. Bush, like Reagan creates a financial disaster, dumps it in the lap of the democratic party and walks away to let the democrats take the heat and clean up the mess. Always the liberal thinkers are going to have to put with conservative idiocy. Maybe the republicans should have been reelected, let them try to save America. By now, I imagine half of America would have been out of work. Remember the first half of the TARP just vanished, no over site on where the money went.

Perkins is talking trash again. What he's NOT telling you is that the conservatives want to pay for the extensions by using unspent stimulus dollars. Democrats want to just add to the national debt (again).

I tire of liberals not telling the whole story.

Cathy I'm finding the same thing, if your anywhere above 35 your deemed too old and cost too much to hire.......I'm not looking for a handout, just a "chance" at a job

I've seen so many bogus job listings it beyond depressing, guess I'd better brush up on my Chinese.....

And I do empathize with Chad and Cathy. The money needs to be in the hands of the people who pass it out most efficiently, which is not congress! Tax increases on "the wealthy" means salary decreases or fewer jobs for the middle class. The wealthiest Americans will not be hurt personally by a tax increase, they will keep their same standard of living, but will adjust for the tax hike in their businesses.

The ideology that has been in power is one that believes that every person (not citizen, but person) should have exactly the same lot in life, unless of course you hold elected office. That is slowly where we are going, an equal playing field where the producers have to support non-producers, the motivation for producing is gone, and then there is NOBODY producing any wealth for anyone.

Wow David! So you believe your brainwashers when they tell you that conservatives are pushing to cut taxes? A tax cut would mean what, exactly? Pay less than you did previously. These rates have been in place for ten years. See it for what it is, liberals want to RAISE taxes on the people who create and fund jobs, therefore creating persistantly high unemployment, more people living off taxpayer money, and in turn pushing the culture of the handout. It is harder to get people out of dependency than it is to get into it.
Washington needs to quit spending money that they don't have, then if unemployment benefits are a priority, they can spend the savings on that. Some of us work hard, as a business owner, I work hard to keep people employed. It is critical in this economy for politicians to moderate spending. Did you see yesterday that Obama froze civillian federal worker pay. It is about damn time, when so manner in this country have been out of work for 90+weeks.

Wow. The conservative "Christian"/corporation coalition held jobs hostage before the November elections to hurt President Obama and his party. Now those same conservatives (notice "compassionate" is gone, gone, gone from their name) are holding unemployment benefits hostage so millionaires can get a tax cut. Shameless!

I havee been out of work for 6 mow I have worked the last 40 yrs in retail with no 401 or retirement now i cant get a job because they dont hire the older person

I feel sorry for those folks, but at least they did get 99 weeks of benefits......since I was forced into early retirement five years ago(at 43 years old) I wasn't able to get benefits.....so I sold the house and moved in with elderly parents who one has since died, look for work around the clock and a rare interview every few months, done handy man work when I can find it..........401K...gone, though at least I got something out of it, sold pretty much anything I worked hard for

I just want a chance at a job at this point....

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