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Arlington Life Shelter links with Groupon for pledge campaign this week

The Arlington Life Shelter is being featured by Groupon’s philanthropic arm, G-Team, with a campaign running today through Thursday.

The campaign urges Groupon subscribers to donate $10 to the shelter, for the purchase of fresh milk for residents. To donate, click here.

The Arlington Life Shelter supports homeless families and individuals with services including employment and educational aid, health care, nutrition, and transitional housing.

“In order to avoid holding a load of donated milk that spoils, Arlington Life Shelter hopes to establish a milk budget to buy milk on an as-needed basis,” the shelter said. “With this fund, it can gradually acquire milk during the course of 10 weeks without ever storing up more than it can use,”

The campaign is free to the shelter, which receives all proceeds from pledges, Liesl Gray, spokeswoman for the shelter, said.

- Scott Nishimura


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My honest opinion is that all that privatization does is put money into the hands of those who just want the money and who really do not help the state.

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