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Lear Corp. expected to move work to Mexico

Workers at the Lear Corp. plant in Arlington say the company is making preparations to move more work to a facility in Mexico.

The long anticipated move by the company is expected to transfer now done by 36 Arlington plant employees who assemble build seat frames for sport utility vehicles built by the General Motors Arlington truck assembly plant.

Lear officials told leaders of UAW Local 129 as far back as May they were considering moving more of the plant’s work to facilities in Mexico. UAW officials say the company has been unwilling to discuss their reasons with the union or explore ways to change the plant’s costs so that the work isn’t shifted elsewhere.

A Lear spokesman at the company’s Southfield, Mich. headquarters declined to discuss matters in Arlington. “We’re managing a global work force and we don’t talk about things on a plant-by-plant basis,” said Mel Stephens.

The company has also been unwilling to meet with Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck, who said the city would be willing to discuss ways to keep the work at the local plant.

- Bob Cox



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Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.Good Luck!

My honest opinion is that all that privatization does is put money into the hands of those who just want the money and who really do not help the state.

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