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Kroger ending double and triple coupons in North Texas

Update: Here's the Star-Telegram's full print story from today's paper.

Kroger says it's ending its practice of doubling and tripling manufacturers coupons in North Texas stores, effective Sept. 14.

Gary Huddleston, of Kroger, tells the Star-Telegram the grocer wants to "focus on lowering prices and keeping our prices low. We have lowered a number of prices over the last six months."

The ending of doubling and tripling helps the company keep its focus on its pricing programs, Huddleston said.

"We certainly welcome manufacturers coupons at face value," he said.

Earlier this year, Kroger stopped doubling and tripling manufacturers coupons in its Houston stores.

- Scott Nishimura


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Yes please tell me what is Kroger? Is that a department store?

This is not very good news for coupon users.

I'm pretty sure Kroger is like a grocery store.

What is Kroger? Is that a department store?

Is this only for north texas?

This is a good idea, but some places won't let you do it.

If everyone wants to voice their opinion to Kroger, contact Gary Huddleston directly. He is the Director of Consumer Affairs and is quoted in the story. His direct line is 972-785-6004 and his cell number is 972-670-6814. His email address is gary.huddleston@kroger.com. This is all public information that I got off a PR news release website. Everyone call him today!

If Kroger wants to stay in business, they need to re-think this move. Their in home brands are even higher than name brand items, as I have seen in recent months, so their lowering prices is a lie. Thank goodness there is ALDI... better food way better prices.

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