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RadioShack offers limited trade-in deal for customers buying new iPhone 4s

Today's worldwide rollout day for the new Apple 4GS smartphone.

RadioShack, one of the retailers looking to cash in, is offering a limited-time trade-in program, taking certain old iPhones for customers buying the new ones.

Here's how it works: Beginning today, RadioShack is offering special, "guaranteed trade-in amounts" for iPhone 3GS and 4 phones for customers pre-ordering the 4S 16GB and 32GB from AT&T and Verizon.

Trade your 3GS 32GB in "working condition" and receive a guaranteed $125, RadioShack says.

Trade your iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB in working condition and receive a guaranteed $200.

Trade your iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB "broken or not working condition" and receive a guaranteed $75.

The offer ends Sunday Oct. 16.

RadioShack is offeirng various other smartphone trade incentives against the 4S.

- Scott Nishimura


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I wasn't all the impressed with the iPhone 4s. The only noticeable new feature for me was Siri, and she's not that useful at all.

This is quite a smart trade off from radioshack. What I like is their variable pricing where you trade in am iPhone 4s and get a better deal.

I am still waiting for the release of iPhone 5.

I was actually disappointed when they released this phone. I was anticipating a completely new unit and not an upgraded version. But still, this is a must try phone.

I haven't upgraded to the iPhone 4S yet. I am still using a 3GS 16gb. That one wasn't mentioned in your post. I wonder if Radio Shack will only accept a 32bg 3GS for trade-in?

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