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Texas jobless rate drops to 7.1 percent in February

Texas added 27,900 jobs in February and the state’s unemployment dropped to 7.1 percent from 7.3 percent a month earlier and 8 percent a year ago, the Texas Workforce Commission said Friday.

Private employers added 15,100 jobs of the total, the commission said.

Over the last year, Texas added 273,900 jobs, the commission said.

"Texas’ job growth over the past year points to a steady and sustained expansion of our state’s economy," Tom Pauken, the Workforce Commission chairman, said in a release. "Texas has experienced positive annual job growth for the last 22 months, and that’s because Texas continues to be a great place to work and do business."

Eight of 11 major industry segments were up from a month earlier.

  •  Manufacturing was up 800 jobs over the month, and up 24,400 from a year ago.
  • Construction was up 4,500 jobs for the month and 8,100 from a year ago.
  • Trade, transportation and utilities was up 8,300 jobs from a month ago, and 68,300 from a year earlier.
  • Education and health services was up 3,800 jobs from a month ago, and up 49,500 jobs from a year earlier.
  • Financial activities was up 1,700 jobs from a montha go, and 16,000 from a year earlier.
  • Other services was up 1,300 jobs from a month ago, and 18,900 from a year earlier.
  • Government was up 12,800 from a month ago, and down 57,900 from a year earlier.
  • Information was up 800 jobs from a month ago, and down 1,800 from a year earlier.
  • Mining and logging was down 900 jobs from a month ago, and up 36,600 from a year ago.
  • Professional and business services was down 3,000 jobs from a month ago, and up 57,700 from a year earlier.
  • Leisure and hospitality was down 2,200 jobs from a month ago, and up 54,100 from a year earlier. 

Fort Worth-Arlington added 26,000 jobs from a year earlier, and the jobless rate was 7 percent in February, down from 8 percent a year earlier. - Scott Nishimura


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