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Dallas hail storm producing rental car shortage, insurance group says

 The massive June 13 hailstorm in Dallas -- estimates of damage from insurers run between $1 billion and $2 billion -- is creating a shortage of rental cars at Love Field and elsewhere i the city, says the Insurance Council of Texas. The industry group says about 70,000 vehicles were damaged in storm, "and vehicle owners with rental reimbursement coverage are using rental cars until their vehicles are repaired in local body shops." You might want to confirm that reservation, suggests ICT's Mark Hanna. ICT quotes Ted Maniscalco, a spokesman for Enterprise Rent A Car, saying companies are pulling additional rental vehicles from around the state and outside Texas. Not only that, but "car rental companies, just like Dallas motorists, were hit by the hailstorm, putting many vehicles out of service. "Body shops are telling vehicle owners that they may have to wait six to eight weeks before their vehicles can be repaired," ICT says.. 

ICT estimates insured damages from the hailstorm at more than $1 billion. Earlier this week, Southwest Insurance Information Service, another trade group, said that when you count "tens of thousands" of homeowners' claims for roof damage, insured damages could hit $2 billion. The record for insured damage from hail in the state was $1.1 billion in 1995, according to the ICT.

-- Jim Fuquay



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