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Final Texas health insurance rebates: $167 million

The federal government today said 1.5 million Texans will share $167 million in rebates from health insurers under the terms of the 2010 health reform legislation. That's a bit less than the $186 million that was estimated earlier, but still the largest for any state. A total of $1.1 billion will be returned to individuals and employers nationwide under the terms of the measure, which requires at least 80 percent of premium to be paid out for medical benefits. The rebates can be paid either with a check or a reduction in future premiums, and employers can also decide how to pass on the money to covered workers. Most of the refunds are for policies sold in the individual market. In Texas that amounts to $134.5 million, or an average of $356 per household, or more than twice the national average per household of $152 for individual policies. The average household rebate for small group and large group policies are just over $60 each. The full results by state can be found here.

-- Jim Fuquay


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Most of the reimbursements are for guidelines marketed in the person market.

What if I'm currently unemployed?
To what periods are the related premiums?

Wonder if this was before they raised my rate again last month? Looks like they will get it back until someone stops them from raising rates.

great post, thanks to author for this article, why cooments?

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