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Chamber survey: Most members offer health benefits, but costs rising

About 80 percent of Fort Worth Chamber of  Commerce members provide healthcare benefits to employees, but the cost of that coverage is rising more than the previous year, according to a new survey. More than a third of members say their cost rose 6-15 percent this year, and another quarter said they were up 16-25 percent. That's about 53 percent of members who participated in the survey, and it's up sharply from the share of members who reported increases in that range a year earlier. Among the 81 percent of members who offer health insurance, 19 percent pay the entire premium for the employee, while 60 percent pay a portion of it. Of the 19 percent who said they do not provide benefits, half cited costs but another 22 percent said they were too small to get group rates. The entire survey is posted on the chamber's web site here.

-- Jim Fuquay


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