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More households moving to Tarrant County than out, says Realtor report

Tarrant County is among the most mobile counties in Texas and the U.S., according to a Texas Association of Realtors report. 

Tarrant County ranks No. 6 in the state and No. 15 nationally for the largest net gain in households, 3,138, according to the 2013 Texas Relocation Report. The report is based on National Association of Realtors data. 

The report says Texas saw a net gain of households, 10,326 more household moving in than out to other states.  

Harris County was the most mobile county in the state, ranking No. 1 in the state and No. 3 nationally with the largest inflow of households, 67,299, the report said. Dallas County was second in the state and No. 7 nationally, with 54,388 households, and Tarrant County was third in the state and No. 16 nationally, with 40,699 households moving in. 

Harris County is also the top county in Texas and third-largest county nationally for outflow of households, 65,395. Dallas and Tarrant counties have the second- and third-largest outflow of households statewide and are ranked No. 6, with 56,223, and No. 19 nationally, with 37,561 homes moving out. 

Dallas County experienced the highest net loss in households statewide, -1,845. 

Denton County is No. 5 in Texas and No. 14 nationally for the largest net gain in households, 3,593.  

Shad Bogany, Texas Association of Realtors chairman, said the numbers reflect a genuine surge in demand fueled by job and population growth. 

“People are moving, and they’re moving to Texas,” Bogany said.  

The Texas Relocation Report is based on data from the National Association of Realtors 2012 Relocation Report and the U-Haul 2012 Relocation Report.

_ Sandra Baker


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