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Navigating the health insurance exchange, inch by inch

You've probably read plenty about how the government's Health Insurance Marketplace, AKA "the exchange," has had a rough start. We've chronicled our own attempts to use the exchange in various posts, but it's been a while since we had anything new to report. Frisco health insurance agent Charles Peeler (www.peelerinsurance.com) got our hopes up earlier this week when he called to say he actually got a client a policy using the exchange. But when he tried to share his method for getting into the exchange, lo and behold it shut him out. Judging by that experience and news reports, getting all the way through is sort of random at this point. It might happen, but probably not.

But those are technical difficulties. Here's a design problem. Take a look at the page below. Where do you click to apply?

Click here

Here's the answer.

No here

It's not underlined, like a typical link is. It's not in bold type or highlighted, but that's the magic button. A  colleague saw it right away, but we still think it should be really obvious. As it turned out, clicking the right link didn't move us very far down the line. After we agreed to let Homeland Security and other agencies check out our information, an online form told us to re-enter our email address. We did. It rejected our efforts, even though we typed an exact copy. So we're still not in.

Stay posted. It'll work one day.

-- Jim Fuquay


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