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Yes, Virginia, it is possible to register for the insurance exchange

Update: 3:35 p.m.

It's possible, but it might not work when you get there. After holding at the "lots of visitors" page, we were presented with the official Log In page for the Health Insurance Marketplace. But despite writing down the user name and password, and having it right in front of us when we logged in, we once again hit a dead end, told we didn't use the magic words. So we asked to reset the password, got an email link to do that, filled out a new password and answered the three security questions, and .... and....... If you can't read it, it says we didn't answer the questions correctly. As we can say is, well.............

Forgot password

The original post is below:

It might take some patience, but it can be done. After attempts too numerous to recount, we managed to create a user account on the Health Insurance Marketplace, AKA "the exchange." This happened after the email confirmation we were sent after completing the previous registration steps was rejected as being too late. Don't give up yet. And for a quick look at North Texas plans and premiums on the exchange, see this post made Wednesday morning.

-- Jim Fuquay






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