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Triumph Vought warns of 400 Dallas layoffs in February 2014

Triumph Aerostructures could idle about 400 workers at its Vought Aircraft Division facility in west Dallas as it moves work to a new factory in Red Oak, south of DeSoto. In a required notice to the state, Triumph said salaried workers have been notified and hourly employees can expect layoffs to begin on or about Feb. 7. In a separate prepared statement dated Dec. 4, Triumph Aerostructures said it will permanently shut the company's leased factory at 9314 W. Jefferson Blvd. The exact number of layoffs "may be reduced by employee transfers" to either Triumph's existing Grand Prairie facility or the Red Oak site, Triumph said. Triumph already has a 240,000-square-foot factory in Red Oak that will build wings for Bombardier business jets. It's also building a 600,000-square-foot factory "that will provide space for the transfer of certain programs currently executed at the Jefferson Street facility," Triumph said.

In mid-2012, Triumph said the new owner of the west Dallas facility wanted too much rent for the 1940 building and announced plans for Red Oak. In its recent statement, it said the Dallas site "has 5 million square feet of space spread out over 315 acres and is not cost-effective for current operations." It said about 2,000 people currently work at that facility. It said the new Red Oak facility "will result in a reduced footprint, more modern facilities and other associated improvements that bring inherent gains in efficiency." Officials with UAW Local 848 were not immediately available for comment.

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Lockheed hit by power outage

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth said Monday that a problem with a power cable interrupted electricity to four buildings used by the big defense contractor, although not its main office building or the mile-long factory line where assembly of the F-35 takes place. Lockheed spokesman Joe Stout said the problem, which affected an electronics lab and a hangar where final assembly of the F-16 takes place, was expected to be fixed by mid-day Tuesday.

-- Jim Fuquay


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