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RadioShack stores waiting on Apple's Verizon iPads

RadioShack stores started selling Verizon Wireless products and services today, toutiing $100 discounts on various smartphones such as Motorola and Samsung Droids.

RadioShack store managers say they're carrying the Verizon Wireless Apple iPhones. But the stores evidently don't have the Verizon iPads yet.

Spot-checking local stores, the Star-Telegram found one, at 8004 Denton HIghway in Watauga, that said it had the Verizon iPad.

A helpful employee at another store, checking RadioShack inventory on computer, found only one with the Verizon iPad: the Denton HIghway store.

"We are going to get them, we just don't know when," the employee said.

Waiting on a call back RadioShack media relations on this question.

- Scott Nishimura

Verizon Wireless hits RadioShack stores

Verizon Wireless began selling its products and services via RadioShack stores today.

RadioShack was offering $100 off most Verizon Wireless smartphones, available for a limited time to new or upgrading customers with a two-service contract and data feature.

“The arrival of Verizon Wireless is a definitive enhancement of our multi-carrier retailing proposition,” Jim Gooch, the RadioShack CEO, said.

- Scott Nishimura


GameStop expands Apple trade-ins nationally

GameStop, which has been testing trade-ins of Apple iPods, iPhones, and iPads at its DFW stores since earlier this year, is taking the program national effective today, the company reported.

Customers can earn cash or trade credit toward other store purchases. "Many iPod, iPhone and iPad trade values are significantly higher than typical game trade-ins, allowing customers to build trade credit more quickly," GameStop said.

GameStop will refurbish the devices and sell them in its stores, a company spokeswoman said. No word yet on whether GameStop wants to sell new Apple iOS devices. A trade pub reported last week that GameStop reps had disclosed such a plan at a trade show in Las Vegas, but GameStop isn't comfirming that.

"By trading in iOS devices, GameStop customers have yet another source of funds to put toward the purchase of new and pre-owned games, DLC, digital PC games and more," GameStop's president, Tony Bartel, said in a release. "This is especially significant with the great title line-up slated for this fall."

Devices must be "in working condition and free from cosmetic defects," GameStop said. Click here on GameStop's site for more info.

GameStop says it will take any generation of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle, or Mini.

Final say is up to the store manager. What the stores won't take:

  1. Devices with severe scratches or personal engravings on the casing.
  2. Devices with cracked or severely scratched screens.
  3. Devices that are defective, will not power on, have screens that are not "readable."
  4. Devices with water damage.

- Scott Nishimura


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