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Chevrolet introduces CNG-capable bi-fuel Impala

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General Motors said it will sell a version of its well-received Chevrolet Impala that runs on both gasoline and also compressed natural gas. The car has a separate CNG tank mounted in the truck, and drivers can switch, well, from gas to gas, by pushing a button on the dashboard. It's expected to be in showrooms next summer as a 2015 model. In an unveiling Wednesday in Washington, D.C., GM CEO Dan Akerson said "there will be nothing like it on the road." He said the sedan can go 350 miles on gasoline and 150 miles on natural gas. It's expected to find a place in corporate and government fleets, but it will also be sold at dealers -- but not a lot. GM said it would be happy to move 750 to 1,000 units the first year, according to Automotive News

Akerson said the bi-fuel approach is a nod to its Chevy Volt, the plug-in electric that comes with a small gasoline engine to extend its range. No word on pricing. CNG vehicles can carry steep costs, generally thousands more in conversions and special engine equipment. Ford announced a CNG-ready engine for its popular F-150 pickup truck in July, but the after-market conversion adds an extra $7,500 to $9,000 to the price tag.

-- Jim Fuquay


Texas gasoline in 2012 had costliest year

The year ended relatively well, but during all of 2012 gasoline pump prices averaged a record $3.43 in Texas for unleaded regular, says auto club AAA. The previous high was $3.37 in 2011, followed by $3.13 in 2008. In one bit of good news for drivers, prices tumbled toward the end of the year, finishing at $3.07 statewide and $3.05 in Fort Worth-Arlington. But that quickly turned around in 2013, with the state average up to $3.13 and the local average at $3.14 as of Thursday.

"AAA Texas forecasts that gas prices in 2013 will remain high, but may be cheaper than in 2012 due to increased domestic crude oil production and that demand is expected to remain lower than in recent years," the group said. “What happens with gas prices this year will depend what happens both domestically and globally,” said AAA Texas/New Mexico Representative Sarah Schimmer.

-- Jim Fuquay


Fort Worth-Arlington enjoys lower gasoline prices

Rejoice,  motorists who gas up in the Tarrant area. You're paying the lowest prices in Texas, auto group AAA said in its latest weekly gas price report. AAA said gas stations in the Fort Worth-Arlington area reported an average $3.08 a gallon for regular unleaded. That compared to a state average of $3.14 and a national average of $3.38. Prices were down from a week ago by 2 to 3 cents a gallon, but AAA noted that it still cost about $44 to fill a 14-gallon tank in Texas. “We encourage motorists to continue every effort to maximize fuel efficiency including keeping their cars and trucks maintained according to vehicle manufacturer recommendations,” said AAA's Texas/New Mexico representative, Doug Shupe.

-- Jim Fuquay 


GM to add third shift and 800 jobs at Arlington plant

GM Arlington plant


 General Motors has just announced plans to add a third shift at the Arlington Truck Assembly Plant in 2013 and will begin filling the first of an estimated 800 jobs later this year.

The Arlington plant currently employs about 2,500 hourly and salaried employees -- roughly 2,300 of them on the assembly line -- and operates two production shifts working 50-hours a week and more.

The plant produces GM's top selling  Chevrolet Tahoe and SuburbanGMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade full-sized sport utility vehicles, and built a record 282,000 in 2010. In 2011, the plant produced nearly 270,000 vehicles and GE said demand for the full-size SUVs remains stable.

GM, in a press release, said the third shift will enable Arlington to meet market demand for the current generation of full-size SUVs and provide relief for employees who have worked extensive overtime since the fourth quarter of 2009.

The installation of new tooling and equipment required to build GM’s new line of SUVs will limit vehicle production in 2013. A third shift will provide the plant needed production capacity during this transition time.

GM is already adding to the Arlington plant to add equipment for stamping body parts for the 2014 model vehicles.

- Bob Cox



Arlington Cracker Barrel gets electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicle owners can now recharge both their car and their own batteries at an Arlington Cracker Barrel restaurant.

NRG Energy took the wraps off of four new electric vehicle charging stations in the Dallas-fort Worth area Tuesday, including one at the Cracker Barrel located at 1251 North Watson Road, adjacent to Texas 360 in north Arlington.

Officials of NRG and Cracker Barrel caravanned in electric-powered cars from one site to another to mark the opening of the "eVgocharging stations. Each of the stations, which are available for use only to NRG customers, has a 240 volt charging outlet and a DC charging outlet. The latter "pumps" 350 volts of electricity directly into the battery of compatible vehicles and a 15 minute charge is good for about 50 miles of driving range.

NRG now has six charging stations installed in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with plans for at least 70. It has installed 11 of a planned 50 in the Houston market.

Customer usage of the charging facilities is picking up a bit faster than expected, said Arun Banskota, president of NRG EV Services division. "We've got people that use them quite a lot, depending on their commute."

Only about 18,000 electric vehicles were sold in the U.S. in 2011, but Banskota said that compares favorably with the 6,000 annual sales rate that hybrids like the Toyota Prius enjoyed the first few years in the market.

Banskota said new studies show that while electric cars have high price tags their operating costs are much lower than conventional gasoline and diesel engine powered vehicles.

The other NRG charging stations opened Tuesday are at Cracker Barrel locations in Burleson, DeSoto and Mesquite.

For information on NRG's eVgo network and charging plans go the company's website.

- Bob Cox




Texas gasoline prices fall again this week, AAA Texas reports

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded dropped four cents in Texas to $3.25 this week, according to the AA Texas Weekend Gas Watch report today.

The national average is $3.43, down one penny.

The Fort Worth average is $3.22, down eight cents.

AAA Texas’ analysis: “Market analysts say the U.S. Dollar remains strong compared to currencies abroad.  European economic uncertainty continues to exert downward pressure on crude oil prices.  Additionally, the U.S. Department of Energy reports domestic demand for gasoline is about nine percent lower than this time last year.  As the financial climate overseas remains uncertain, U.S. dollars become a more attractive investment, driving up the value of the dollar.  Commodities, including crude oil, are traded in U.S. dollars, and as the dollar strengthens compared to currencies abroad, oil becomes a less attractive investment for those holding foreign currencies and prices are pressured downward.”

- Scott Nishimura


Test drive new Fords with gas-sipping EcoBoost engines

Ford will be letting consumers take some of its new vehicles for a spin this weekend in Grapevine.

Beginning Thursday afternoon Ford personnel will be demonstrating and allowing consumers to drive both the Ford Explorer and Ford Edge crossover vehicles powered by the four-cylinder 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine.

With direct fuel injection and turbochargers the EcoBoost improves fuel economy up to 20 percent over a 6-cyl. engine but still has the power needed for hauling and pulling when necessary. A 6-cyl. version of the engine is the leading seller in Ford's F-150 pickup lineup.

The event will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon at the Grapevine Mills Mall, near the Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th and Last Call by Neiman Marcus, at 3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway.

To register and reserve a spot to drive one the vehicles go to: 


- Bob Cox


Gasoline prices off in Texas again

Gasoline prices fell this week in Texas, with the average price of a gallon of regular down five cents to $3.29, AAA Texas reports today in its Weekend Gas Watch.

The national average is $3.44, 3 cents less than last week. The Fort Worth average is $3.30, 7 cents down.

AAA Texas’ assessment: “Market analysts say a strong U.S. dollar, lower than expected economic growth in China, and the concern that a meeting set to address European economic uncertainty may be postponed exerted downward pressure on crude oil prices this week. As the financial climate overseas maintains uncertainty, U.S. dollars become a more attractive investment, driving up the value of the dollar. Commodities, including crude oil, are traded in U.S. dollars, and as the dollar strengthens compared to currencies abroad, oil becomes a less attractive investment for those holding foreign currencies and prices are pressured downward.”

- Scott Nishimura


Texas, U.S., gasoline prices continue to fall, AAA Texas says

Gasoline prices continued to drop in Texas this week, falling 11 cents on average this week to $3.27 for a gallon of self-serve regular, AAA Texas reports today in its Weekend Gas Watch.

The national average is $3.45, also off 11 cents, and the statewide average is 18 cents less than the national average.  Texas’ most expensive gas is in Amarillo, at $3.40.  Fort Worth is reporting the least expensive average in the state at $3.14, off 16 cents.

“Market analysts say the downward pressure on the market price of crude oil is the result of the same global economic weaknesses that have been weighing down the commodities markets for several weeks,” AAA Texas said.

“Growing concern that Greece will default on its debt and the impact this would have on an already struggling international economy, and the slowing pace of the U.S. economy is pressuring crude oil prices lower.  A sluggish global economy means less demand on crude oil. “

- Scott Nishimura


Gasoline prices off in Texas, Fort Worth area

The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.44 this week, 4 cents less than last week, AAA Texas reports today in its Weekend Gas Watch.

The Fort Worth average was off 6 cents, to $3.39. The national average is $3.62, off 3 cents.

AAA Texas said “demand for gasoline in the U.S. has decreased. The MasterCard SpendingPulse report showed about a 6 percent decline in demand compared to last week.  Market analysts say with the recent U.S. jobs report showing no growth, and continued global economic concerns, there is an expectation that a weaker economy will demand less oil. “

- Scott Nishimura


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