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Job fair in Arlington on Sept. 27

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Tarrant County College gets $1.7 million grant to train manufacturing workers

Pauken Tarrant County College Corporate Services won a $1.7 million Texas Workforce Commission grant to train more than 1,500 employees in new or “upgraded” existing jobs at several major local aerospace and manufacturing employers.


The employers include Ball Corp., Bell Helicopter Textron, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, R& B Electronics, Teletouch/Progressive Concepts, Trinity Forge, and Triumph Fabrications. Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken presented the check in a ceremony Wednesday. The employers, local affected facility, and numbers of workers involved:


Ball: South Fort Worth, nine existing jobs.

Bell: Fort Worth; 150 new, 375 existing.

Lockheed Martin: Fort Worth, 118 new, 581 existing.

R&B Electronics: Grand Prairie, four new, 12 existing.

Teletouch/Progressive Concepts: Haltom City, 23 new, 180 existing.

Trinity Forge: Mansfield, 10 new, 38 existing.

Triumph Fabrications: Arlington, 25 new, 12 existing.


- Scott Nishimura, jobs and workplace reporter, Star-Telegram


(Photo: Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken, courtesy of Tarrant County College)


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