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October 29, 2008


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Anne Pearson

...what is wrong with AISD trustees? Are they not aware of the exceptional job Jerry McCullough has done in the past few months to repair the damage done by the former superintendent? He has brought integrity,motivation, calmness & much more to the district during this upheaval time we have endured and has been there to listen with open doors at any time.

Perhaps, he does not bring the "glitz & glitter" that the board seems to want recognition for....(they should have gotten their quota with Mr. Montenegro).

Personally, I think the board needs to step up and say "they " failed us and to apologize for the fiasco we were put through for several months.

The fact that the board is even contemplating searching for a new superintendent is appalling to me and to expect the people of Arlington to pay for this recruiting firm is unbelievable....their track record is not too good !...not to mention the fact our budget is in shambles.

Please join me in an effort to keep Mr. McCullough at the helm of this district.

A McCullough Backer
and AISD Employee

AISD Counselor

Looking nationally for a new superintendent is a bad idea.

AISD Employee

There is no one out there more qualified for the job than Jerry McCullough. The board should not waste AISD funds searching for a superintendent. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

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