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November 05, 2008


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Isn't this absolutely pathetic!! And where did these young people learn their racism?? At HOME. And it's on BOTH sides, both black & white.
People, GET OVER IT! This country is made up of ALL colors, but aren't we ALL supposedly God's people?
We need to get over this "color" thing and start trying to be just good "people" and treat each other with respect.
[And by the way-- to both sides of the Baylor deal-- Obama is BI-RACIAL, so he is BOTH white AND black.]


Good for you Elizabeth.


Good points Elizabeth, but how can you equate people burning Obama signs with Racism? I guess the whole KKK thing, I might could see a link there, but other than that? How can you just assume outright that it is racism? Maybe they REALLY don't like Democrats, and they expressed it by burning the democratic nominee's sign..... Not to say you are not correct about Racism, it happens on both sides.

Also yes he is bi racial, but the way the media portrays it is it is historic because he is the 1st African American president. By your arguement shouldn't they state he is the first bi-racial president? I mean in this world of being politically correct, lets do just that... be politically correct about it.

E Watson

Nothing surprising here. They are Baptists.

Mrs. S.

A man's or woman's ethnical background is determined by the DNA of the father, so he is the 1st African American President. It really doesn't matter, he is the president and we all owe him respect. Whether we like it or not he has been placed over us by the people and fighting will not change it.

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