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November 13, 2008


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Susan Wilson

I may or may not agree with all, or anything, that Cynthia Dunbar said, but I do believe she has the right to say what she believes. She is also a United States citizen and I thought we were supposed to have freedom of speech in this country without being threatened (by the loss of a job, etc.).

louis figueroa

Cynthia Dunbar, Thank God she finally exposed the real hyprocracy of the texas Board of education and has come out of the closet.
Her, "philosophy of the classroom is one generation will become the philosophy of the Gov't of the Next", Betch ya, brainwash them early and young and those not able or capable or willing to learn will be left behind.
Here is a true Political Hack, who until just recently I knew nothing about, but who in just a few paragraphs has aroused my interests into asking, Why wasn't this person not vetted for the position she holds.LOL
A State Board of Education member who didn't have faith enough in public schools to have her own attend Public Schools,who is developing a History Cirriculum not for the benefit of PUBLIC SCHOOLS, but PVT Schools, Home Schools, Church Study groups, doesn't this undermine our Public Schools, please tell me it doesn't, or that it somehow on state resources & funding (state gas ,water & light)while all this developing is going on, will benefit 100% public Schools.
Yes, Cynthia Dunbar has freedoms of speech, as a Veteran I served to provide some of it, but its no wonder our Teachers haven't been stead fast in improving all Public Schools when people like Cynthia Dunbar & 8 more just like her sit on the Texas School Board, Texas parents better wake up and smell whats brewing at the Texas Board Of Education, on taxpayer money, that its memebers aren't 100% committed to Public Schools and have hidden agenda's of their own which they weren't elected to pursue.

Louis Figueroa/Ft Worth Texas/American


Susan, contrast this situation with that of teachers who are fired for posting negative remarks about students online:

She's definitely within her rights as an American to write and publish articles like this, and it's definitely possible that she could be able to separate her personal goals from what will be best for the education of children.

The problems isn't what she's saying, it's that her competency has been thrown into question.
For example, if she doesn't trust other government officials (the ones who have provided sworn evidence of a presidential candidate's citizenship), then can she effectively work with other government officials? Is there a rational basis for how she selects which officials she trusts?
She seems to have no faith in the government, including the "militant leftist" judicial branch, although it is the protections offered by these entities that protect her continued service in her position, which seems to be somewhat of a logical discrepancy.

I think Peter Montgomery has the right idea: if she's not a constructive member of the Board of Education, I trust the other members to overrule her. If she is a constructive member, then I trust the other members to use her input. And if I could vote for her position, I would vote her out. (If we trust each other, maybe it turns out our government isn't so bad, eh?)

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