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December 31, 2008


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Carey P. Page, M.D.

Matt Frazier's article in the Star Telegram of 01/01/2009 represents excellent reporting, but poor academics if, indeed, "scientists are pleased." The teaching of evolution (Darwinism as augmented by Huxley) as established science is seriously flawed.

The 'science' of an issue begins as a theory and becomes a "law" once it is proved empirically or by mathematical reconciliation. For example, Einstein's 'Theory or relativity' remained a theory until the detonation of the first atomic bomb. Einstein cautioned "The right to search for truth implies also a duty: one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true."

Darwin's hypothesis (Origin of Species) of the random evolution of lower life forms to progressively more complex (ultimately human) forms, a flow that was begun by “its several powers...originally breathed by the Creator in a few forms or into one” is certainly "law" within species (micro-evolution). The concept of environmental modification of characteristics of a given species has clearly been documented in the laboratory.

But, there is no credible evidence for evolution between phyla or major changes in more 'advanced' species:
1) all major phyla appeared simultaneously about 530 million years ago...all in a single formation...discovered by Darwinist Charles D. Walcott (Smithsonian Curator)...then hidden for 80 years because it conflicted with the 'modern' interpretation of Darwinism
2) time from existence of the universe (Big Bang) and earth is insufficient for 'accidental' mutations to lead to our current complexity and variety of species
3) Missing links are still missing.
4) DNA is an digital code-accidental? statistically impossible!

As a Christian (Catholic), I believe “in One God who created the Heaven and the Earth and all things visible and invisible.” Initially, I believed based solely on faith. As a scientist (B.S. Chemistry, M.D., Surgeon), I have been required to test my beliefs, and (for the topic at hand) reconcile the apparent conflict between the Bible story of Creation and the theory of evolution.

Four books have been of particular importance in my effort to reconcile science and religion as it pertains to creation/intelligent design and evolution: Darwin's Black Box(1996,2006) by Michael Behe, and Genesis and the Big Bang(1990) The Science of God(1997), and The Hidden Face of God(2002) by Gerald L. Schroeder. Behe's (Catholic - Biochemistry Professor at Lehigh University) main thesis is that of irreducible biochemical complexity that eliminates the likelihood of evolution by “chance.” Some, but not all of his arguments, have been weakened as we learn more in genetics and molecular biology. Schroeder (Orthodox Jew – Professor at Hebrew University) is a PhD in nuclear physics, and earth and planetary sciences (MIT) and molecular biologist. He is also a Hebrew scholar. His (Schroeder) books focus on reconciling the evidence that the earth is billions of years old with the Bible's creation story by considering the “location” of the observer in the expanding universe, the flow of time and Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. Schroeder's focus on the biological sphere in his last book (Hidden Face) augments and enhances Behe's irreducible complexity arguments.

Schroeder's perceptive is particularly interesting in two regards. First, he draws heavily on the Torah and ancient scholarly commentaries on the Hebrew text by the philosophers Nahmanides and Maimonides. He points out both nuance and deeper meanings that are inevitably lost in translation from one language to another (Torah =>First five books of Bible to whatever language). Secondly, he argues his points from the position of currently recognized scientific “laws.”

As with all authors who deviate from the “conventional wisdom,” Behe and Schroeder have been both applauded and condemned. Both are worth reading, and whether or not one agrees totally, each makes great points for those who have the background for understanding their arguments.

I an convinced that there is good geological, archaeological, and anthropological, evidence for “micro evolution” and natural selection. The former is evident in tracing anatomic and physiologic differences within a species (Kangaroo rat kidney). The latter is perhaps best exemplified by the events that followed the earth's being struck by a huge asteroid about 65 million years ago. 90% of all life on earth was extinguished. The dinosaurs didn't make it. Other species did!

It is clear, however, that there is no conclusive evidence for the concept of accidental evolution of all life from a “primordial soup” by the trial and error process of natural selection.

Therefore: Our public schools should, at a minimum, teach evolution as a "theory" with it's strengths and weaknesses. To be evenhanded, the public schools should also offer the obvious information that favors intelligent design - different from creationism (6 days about 6,000 years ago).

Carey P. Page, M.D.


Dear Mr. Frazier,

I am writing you regarding your article posted in the Telegram on January 1, 2009--Final Draft on Science...

I do not know how you persoanally feel about evolution. So please do not be offended at what I am about to say. By the way I am a veteran science teacher (16 years-Birdville), and I have a masters degree in Science Education.

Please give me one good thing that has occured (in our country) since we have removed God from the public arena.

We now kill 1 million children a year and call it choice. We now have same- sex marriages, and our schools continue to be in a mess. In my school we have to lock the restrooms due to the fact that the kids tear them up and use the restroom on the walls and floor.

I have to check my humanity at the door and if I even mention the word God or Jesus or disclaim evolution in any manner I get called into the office.

Again, give me one good thing that has happened since we have removed God Almighty from our schools and country. Just one. How did we get by from 1776-1945 when God was allowed in? Man, our founders must have been fools!!!!! Idiots. We know better now right?

In my 16 years of teaching science I have had many instances where my students ask me questions such as:

-Just how does something come from nothing? (Big Bang)
-So my grandfather was a rat-like thing and my great grandfather was some cell-thing that crawled out of a mud puddle?
-So how does a cell more complex than any super computer just evolve?

You claimed in your article that "...teachers and curriculum writers are unanimous in wanting our kids to get a 21st-century education." This of course was in the context of wanting only evolution taught and not being able to discuss its weaknesses. You are wrong! I am a science teacher and I think that is rubbish. You can also bet that as long as I am on watch I will speak out against evolution and discuss its weaknesses in my classroom regardless of the new standards. I will be allowed to do so because my students ask the questions.

Again name one positive thing that has occured since removing God. Just one! I challenge you. I would also be glad to discuss with you sir the theory itself. Most evolutionists do not dare debate those who are educated God-fearers because they know they will be defeated in the debate. That is why they use fear tactics, ACLU, and bullying.

No sir Mr. Frazier I will not back down and I will not remain silent. I also challenge my peers who fear God to not remain silent and speak out against the secular bullies who want to push Him away.

I say these things in love and respect Mr. Frazier but they must be said. I do not know if God will ever darken the doors of our public square again. What a shame!

God bless you sir,

Lee Wagstaff

PS--Please feel free to publish my letter to you in the Opinion section of the paper.

 x-ray fluorescence

I am convinced that there is good geological, archaeological, and anthropological, evidence for “micro evolution” and natural selection. The former is evident in tracing anatomic and physiologic differences within a species (Kangaroo rat kidney). The latter is perhaps best exemplified by the events that followed the earth's being struck by a huge asteroid about 65 million years ago.

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