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December 08, 2008


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I read your article in the Star Telegram regarding Poly High. I would like to see Poly keep it's historic name and standing in the Fort Worth community.

I never attended Poly. I didn't live in Fort Worth, being a Navy brat. My mother, Jeanne Fox Lynch attended Poly, was a Mensa, a cheerleader,wrote articles for the school paper, and held the lead in the school play. My grandparents lived down the street. As a child, I would visit my grandparents and would often accompany my mother down to Poly, to visit one of her old teachers and wander the school grounds. I can't tell you how many times I ate a popsicle on those school steps.

Poly was a school of pride and academia. I believe that any school can have that acclaim, if it has the right leaders and support. I hope that Poly High can be given the chance to live again, with new hope and new support.

Even though I did not attend Poly High, it is a symbol of Fort Worth, of something solid, a hallmark, similar to the Pegasus in Dallas, and I would like to see it remain that way.

So, as one outsider, who loves Fort Worth, and knows the value of continuity, and landmarks, I vote to keep Poly High as Poly High, but, with new management, and a mix-up of teachers.

Stephanie Lynch Bertani
Exeter, New Hampshire


why should they close down poly dont they think about all the students that attend poly...if poly was to close down where will all the student body go to. some other high schools are just to far for the students and they would just end up droping out from school. all the students at poly have been workin realy hard to bring there grades up and help poly be a better school and i think that poly should not be close down please think about us the students believe it or not we are working realy hard to meet the standers so please dont close down poly....

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