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February 06, 2009


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Patti Tull

First, this is an 'OPTIONAL COLLEGE LEVEL COURSE", secondly, while there is required reading, Pillars IS NOT required, the student can choose between Pillars and another novel, London. This rumor about it being required is flat wrong and needs to be corrected.
Patti Tull

Mark D. Wood

Ms. Jinkins,

I’ve heard that the content that the parents object to is too graphic to be printed in the paper. Is there any truth to that?

Is this really the case?

Charles Andrews

"Pillars ..." along with its sequel are amongst the best modern books written. The truthful portrayal of midevil England and the the duplicity of life along with the importance of faith and goodness are lessons we all could learn. The fact that Follet paints his words with a broad pallet portrays the totality of life in a very different time. Yet, the messages are as true today as then. Every high school senior has seen much worse in the movies or television than is in either book. Honor high school seniors have enough emotional security to handle a few pages folded wwithin a 1000 page novel.

If "London" by Rutherford is the alternative then I suggest the parents start reading now


I am a newbie here so forgive my technical problems...not sure if this is the correct page. I googled Pillars of the Earth for further elucidation of the problems with including this book in serious things such as top books to read etc...the fact it is on Oprah's list, etc. I want to point out that, as an historical fiction writer myself, I know that there is a fine line between writing historical events to make the modern reader feel connected and empathic towards the characters in historical events . . . and compromising historical manners, mores, facts, etc. to the point where the project becomes melodrama or soap opera.

I would like someone to suggest to me where I can find a full list of errors in Pillars of the Earth (besides the dialogue errors...the kinds of conversations, etc). I noticed a ballad being sung/recited in the first third of the book, "William of Orange" which could not have been sung/recited until 1694 or a book said to take place in 1123...


This is only a bodice-ripper, not a novel worthy of school reading lists.
No question that the use of nipples bursting thru lingerie and breast holding against women's will, rapes etc are gratuitous violence. there are long, long descriptive sex passages which are purely gratuitous and intended to provide forward slant (page-turning). This is the cheap way to go, and the book is, to me, stupidly melodramatic and is not literature. It's like a dirty comic book, for all its length and the fact it includes historical events.

Take it off reading lists.

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