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January 20, 2011


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dolores santos

We would love to keep our jobs and would even take cuts to continue to care for these students and our families.....I hope this come true.

Miss Pam

I figured I would post this before some non-teacher starts going off on teachers not working all year.

Dear Public,

I work 180 days a year. I am paid for 180 days a year. I do not get paid time off for any holidays. I do not get extra pay to grade papers every evening, to sponsor a school club, to call parents in the evening or to get on-going training that is required by my teaching certificate. I have 30 years experience and my son who just graduated from college is starting at the pay I get after 30 years. I work very hard for my money and my rewards are great, they just are not monetary rewards.

These budget cuts are forcing districts to put 42 students in a classroom, cut arts programs and forcing schools to use archaic technology. Please contact your Texas representatives about not cutting funding for education.

Carolyn Turner

Whatever happened to"No child left behind." With all these cuts there will lots of children left behind. If ever there was a time to use the rainy day fund, this is the time. It is time to stop the beer lobbyists and all these people from getting their way and raise their taxes. This truly makes me wonder about our legislators.

Laurie G.

I honestly thought we implemented a state lotto and the lottery, because this was supposed to help in education funding. Did I get that wrong?... That was one of the big selling points when it was being voted for. I didn't want the lotto, but at least thought that it would assist our state in education. I homeschooled my children, but still pay my school taxes every year. Why can't the state budget their funds just like I have to budget my home?? Just a thought.

University Bound

I know what overcrowding classrooms does to education. I experienced it as a student in high school in Florida. It only creates more problems. I don't see the sense in doing this at all. I understand budget cut to a point, but when it directly interferes with the education of a child's future, what are you doing to the future of this country as a whole?

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