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April 19, 2011


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How to fix Texas Budget

(1) Rollback teacher pay 9 percent
(2) End Medicaid at age 83.
(3) Privatize Community Colleges
(4) Sell State Parks to private Real
Estate holders. Sell stock in
those companies.
(5) End English as a Second Language
(6) Stop providing education and
medical care for those here
(7) Rollback the off the wall salaries
of School Supts. that make up to
300K a year or more than a U.S.
(8) Means testing for those on welfare.
Require a job within 90 days of
applying for welfare.
(9) Send illegal aliens home. Taxpayers
cannot afford providing for our
own now, much less them.
(10) Tax pornographic magazines and
pornographic videos an extra
$3 Each.
(11) Privatize public schools. Teach
kids by computer online.


why dont you tell us, since you seem like a know-it-all there at the ST.


How to fix Texas Budget
(1) Rollback teacher pay 9 percent?
Let me see my insurance has went up.
the district contribution has gone down.
No raise, No step pay for experience.
AISD is making high school teacher teach an extra class a day for the same pay. That will be a eight hour work day with one thirty minute lunch break. no restroom break nothing and lunch is generally spent tutoring student while trying to eat.
Gas is up a dollar a gallon from last year. The cost of everything is rising and you want teachers to take another pay cut?


Let's get rid of the state testing
94 million plus dollars saved

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