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April 22, 2011


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There would not have been all these teacher job losses if there had not been 40 million abortions in America the last 38 years. More children=more need for teachers.
Plus, there would be extra taxpayers to pay the salaries. As it is, there is less and less need for teachers, than there otherwise would have been. It's odd that academia promoted the very thing (abortion) that is now costing it a lot of jobs. The ageing of America, makes the public less sympathetic too, since there is a lower percentage of
people with school age children than before.

Raising classroom size in elementary schools by 5 units per classroom may also help. The 22 unit per classroom size is simply too low. This would allow cities to close the most dilapidated schools in need of repair
and transfer those units to a new school. Less schools to heat and cool would save electricity.

An 8 3/4 percent reduction in teacher pay would save most jobs.

Balancing the budget is crucial for Texas as well.

The State Budget could also have its deficit narrowed by 4 billion dollars with a 25 percent cut in Medicaid Payments by The State of Texas. The Acute Medicaid
fund cut would save 48.99 million.
590 Million Dollars could also be saved by ending the Tobacco Permanent Trust Fund.

Ask laid off teachers to do volunteer work for students.

Ending state contributions to retirement would also help save a ton of money.

Ending health insurance coverage for teacher retirees would help a lot toward balancing the budget.

I saw where San Diego, CA schools might not have the money to open until October. Texas better start planning now. Detroit is said to possibly have 60 units per classroom size there.
D/FW teachers have it quite lucky compared to much of the country


This is a wonderful idea to help with the budget. Now, roll back pay 10 percent would also help.

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