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July 01, 2011


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Buford T. Justice

Seems like Dansby would be a logical choice for superintendent. Someone who went to school in Ft. Worth, has the right credentials and knows the city well. What else could you ask for? But, since I am not on the school board...

jill green

he will do a great job like always if u don't like it move around he's been around look like he want be leaving no time soon so who ever don't like it u leave.

Dan Puckett

If FWISD is not going to promote from within now, when will they? And if they don't, they might as well alert all FWISD employees that they're welcome to work here but they'll never be Superintendent. This is a man of integrity and has world class motivational skills. I'm excited that my kids, all of which are in FWISD schools, will benefit from this man's leadership.

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