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February 02, 2012


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Gene Andert

These students benefited from watching Mandarin Chinese dubbed movies.

My high school son attending the competition has been watching Mandarin Chinese dubbed movies at the suggestion of his Mandarin Chinese class instructor for two years. So far, the approach has been a great success for him. These are the best American movies, e.g., The Pursuit of Happyness, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical, etc. However, they are translated and dubbed in Mandarin Chinese. With Mandarin Chinese (English available as well) audio conversations AND English subtitles, he can understand very quickly because these are the very movies he has been watching. Several immediate benefits are obvious: the correct way to pronounce Mandarin Chinese, how conversations are conducted in Mandarin Chinese, and most efficient learning because students can learn from listening to Chinese conversation while reading the English subtitles on the screen! These are great movies and come with rich everyday vocabularies for students to master and use in future work.

Our son got on such Mandarin Chinese dubbed movies program two years ago, and so far, he has been doing well. Now he has a collection of 30 some Chinese dubbed movies from website at [ ].

Parents, school officials, and Mandarin Chinese instructors, that’s another way to learn a new foreign language, and these tools are available for students to use.

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