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May 30, 2012


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Lesson learned.... I'm sure if on my last day of work if I decided to pull a prank like that i'd be in jail.

Virginia Preas

Good for the adminstration. They should not be able to attend


They all think they can do whatever without any consequences. Maybe a hard lesson learned. Maybe...


The food wasteful as it is, isnt something that is justified for something they rightfully earned. we all remember what excitement it was to graduate from high school. It was a lapse in correct judgement. Now, the rats, snakes, etc...that is truly something warranted as anyone could be deathly allergic as rats carry infectious disease. Idk - I guess I choose not to loose sight of what makes youth what it is, a learning process to where I am now as an adult.

Jason Childs

They should be jailed for vandalism and criminal mischief! Why should they get a free pass just because they are teens doesn't mean that life for them has no consequences!

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