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May 25, 2012


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, next session will be even less. She coetlcls and saves our funds.Truth is our elders in nursing homes went without for the children' to the point of deaths and fewer inspectors. Our borders are open and we lost police officers due to illegals shooting them while on duty, trying to protect us. Truth is the legislature nor the state judiciary can print money or make there be more money in the pot. The local districts were sitting on local excess funds while begging for more state funding and the rainy day fund excess. When asked what the need was, they just wanted more from the state! Truth is our charter, private, and home schools do more with less and have excellent results. Truth is there were threats of a lawsuit and getting mad enough that public temper tantrums were seen. Firing teachers to show Austin and getting our Katy students upset to tears and having walkouts were uncalled for since other districts had managed the problems well. When Senators Patrick and Huffman came to the Alamo Draft House town hall, we saw current school board members react to the real amount of funding and they realized what they were doing was wrong. Truth is the attorney showed up late at the school board meeting, we had to stop the agenda items for him, and think he is probably only feathering his resume and bank account on our dime. Remember we have a $1.5 BILLION debt that costs us $2.5 MILLION per month that we do not have on a reduction diet yet, and 11 superintendents in Katy ISD. All of the admin expenses we incur takes away from our classrooms where our teachers and children are suppose to be learning.

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