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May 01, 2012


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Pedro J. Colon

I do not know if good or bad that he is leaving, because the whole commission of Education had made Texas a laughing matters of the rest of the states. Texas public education is one of the five worst in the country.
Teachers that are not special trained in subjects as mathematics and sciences but are forced to teach those classes additional in order to economize for the school districts. Those teachers are running classes of 20 or more students and unfortunately are living behind many students, for lack of time to provide special help to the most slow in learning kids. This I know for experiences with the kids of close friends who are suffering this inadequate system of education.

Alejandro Inglesses

Obviously, this is a very important position. That being said, my children suffered the educational system of Texas for several years. Accountability for a 50% drop out rate in the state of Texas is reprehensable, as are many things here.


Yes, because he did such a GREAT job with Texas Public Schools right? Getting rid of that pesky science stuff and getting the kids back to the 'good book' instead.. " Yes Children it's true, Cause GEEZUZ did it, that's why! " "Don't believe the MOUNDS and MOUNDS of evidence that Darwin came across, just put your faith in a book that lifted all of its stories and holidays from much more ancient religions and has not a shred of poor for itself..."

Yeah, Scott did such a great job *eye roll*

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