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September 24, 2012


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This is nothing new with this district. The only thing new is the bald face lie by the Superintendent (who is also high school principal) spouting that the policy is for same-sex punishment. This exact situation happened with our son in middle school with a female vice-principal. They talk you and your child into signing off on this punishment (against your better judgement)then when they go way left field with it, there's nothing you can do about it. This school district makes me sick and I will fully support all of the parents who want to go after this ridiculous district and it's board. I'm completely grateful I took my children out of this district.


There is NEVER an instance where a girl should be spanked. Expelled OK, Jailed OK, Counseled OK, but never physical violence as it will carry on into her adulthood and toward her own children.


The Superintendent of Springtown ISD is not the high school principal. He WAS at one time but has been the Superintendent for 2 years. My child has attend school in the this district and we were never talked into signing anything. If you don't want you child paddled then don't sign the paper, don't blame the school district for your indecision when it comes to corporal punishment. And FYI the previous Superintendent was a female.


Just like the way school districts act. They break the rules, then they simply go to the board and request a rule change. It makes everything right.


Did you seriously just say "girls should not be spanked"? So, its okay for a boy to be spanked but not a girl? I wont ask what backwoods logic that is because there's no logic in it at all.

I have two children in SISD ranging from elementary to high school and have NEVER been pushed into opting for paddling. My older child has been paddled once and that was WITH my permission AND with a phone call from the Assistant Principle before the paddling to verify that I was okay with my choice.

I agree with ADF... don't blame the school for the choices you make and grant permission for. If you disagree with paddling, or are afraid it may hurt, God forbid (and I'm fairly certain that IS the point), then don't sign up for it. Period.

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