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January 19, 2012

Mother-daughter duo win llama championships at Stock Show

Llamas 21
Robin Benson gave a whoop on Thursday when her daughter Courtnee, 18, and suri llama Southern Belle collected the grand championship in llama halter class competition at the Fort Worth Stock Show.

Robin's own entry, Manette, was named reserve champion.

The Bensons raise a herd of about 70 show-quality llamas at their Sapaveco Ranches, headquartered at Florence, Texas, north of Austin.

"We haven't been showing llamas that long, compared to a lot of these people around here; about seven years," said Robin Benson. This is their fourth year to show at the Stock Show.

 The Bensons are just now seeing the flowering of their llama dreams.

"We've traveled the United States to put together our breeding herd," she said. "We're winning with our own  and babies now.

"There's a great sense of pride in that."


 _ Shirley Jinkins and Joyce Marshall


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