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January 17, 2012

Natural dog treats debut at stock show


Forget the bone.
Give a dog a bacon cheeseburger. How about a peanut butter canoli or a large cheesy chicken wrap?
Those are just some of the all natural dog treats prompting visitors at the 2012 Stock Show & Rodeo to pause and take a second look at the Top Dog Bakery vending booth. Vendors Sandy and Vicki Wallace of Abilene have brought the home baked dog treats to the show for the first time to the exhibits hall located at the Richardson-Bass Building.
The treats are baked by Annie’s Pooch Pops and the Wallaces sell them on the road. Treats include hot doggies made with freeze-dried American cheese and a liver treat; hamburgers made out of peanut butter and bacon and roasted vanilla chicken feet _ a crowd pleaser for Chihuahua gatherings. Steer sticks are really popular too _ made from the “manly parts” of a bull (or former bull), Sandy Wallace said. 
“Everybody really likes the happy meals,” Sandy Wallace said pointing to little boxes with treats resembling hotdogs and fries. (See photo above by Joyce Marshall.)
Among the treats not moving customers to spend were the lamb biscuits, Sandy Wallace said, adding that he thinks children showing lambs at the stock show don’t want to give their dogs any ideas. (Note: Folks might want to keep the sheep dogs away from these biscuits during the dog trials on Feb. 4.)
“The lamb biscuits go real slow at the show,” he said.
Wife Vicki said the treats have a following because dog owners want their dogs to have a healthy diet.
If your dog has a more traditional palate, and he or she insists on bone, there are three-foot-long cow femurs for sale. Be warned: carrying such a food item could draw a canine following all the way home.



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