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February 02, 2012

Planet Agriculture is FFA assignment


Ashton Metcalfe, left, Kristyn Stewart and McKena Taylor work on an FFA assignment in the Stock Show's Planet Agriculture. Photo and story by Terry Evans

The giggle of girls from Rice FFA jotted facts furiously on flimsy pieces of paper.

Kristyn Stewart, 16, Ashton Metcalfe, 16, and McKena Taylor, 15, were in Planet Agriculture to complete an assignment for their ag teacher. They had to find out a lot about things at the Fort Worth Stock Show.

“The first part is all about Planet Agriculture,” Stewart said.

Metcalfe chimed in: “We have to find 40 facts. I’ve gotten 20, and I’ve been at it about 15 minutes.”

Taylor said the assignment was interesting despite all the learning that happened at the same time.

“It’s neat to actually see all the things that are in what we eat and wear,” she said.

Stewart said she and Metcalfe got to work in the Children’s Barnyard last year, just to the west of the Poultry Barn where Planet Agriculture is.

“This year we missed the deadline, so we get to just hang out and fill out these forms,” she said.

Metcalfe said Planet Agriculture isn’t lame at all.

“Some people really want to know about agriculture,” she said. “It kind of interests me.”



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