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January 22, 2013

Hatters helps a newcomer


I was on a mission to buy a cowboy hat and two things were against me: 1. I know nothing about cowboy hats. 2. I have one of the world’s largest heads.

Delores Ward, the owner of Hatters Custom Hats of Fort Worth, knew my head was pretty large right when I walked up.

 “Yeah, I might have one for you over here,” Ward said.

She suggested a straw hat. Felt hats are worn in the winter and we probably won’t have much more winter weather.

She handed me a huge straw hat. I placed it on top of my head and she smiled. I took that as a good sign. It probably meant she thought I looked a tad goofy.

She was kind still, and told me that it looked like it fit right. Betting that there weren’t many options for my head-size, I was sold.  She asked if I wanted eyelets placed in the top of the hat. The eyelets help with ventilation in the top of the hat. Thinking of the brutal heat we had last summer, I opted for the eyelets.

Ward’s daughter, Lisa Davis, took the hat and began punching the holes in the hat.

Ward bought Hatters from the original owners in 1980. The company has been running for 57 years and makes its hats in a factory in north Fort Worth.

"The Stock Show is where we make our money,” Ward said.

The hats run from $47 to more than $500. Ward’s booth is set up in the Amon G. Carter Jr. Exhibits Hall on the right wall.

-- Nick Dean  




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