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January 19, 2013

"Where are the udders?"


Nick Dean, social media editor, holding a goat while Sarah Huffstetler, DME - Multimedia, milks it.

I'll start out by saying we weren't even close to winning. That, however, is beside the point. 

The annual Celebrity Goat Milking Contest took place Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Cattle Arena. Contestants were representatives from several local TV and radio stations as well our two representatives -- Sarah Huffstetler, our Deputy Managing Editor/Multimedia and me (Nick Dean).

Sarah and I got there hours before the contest to see if we could pick up some tips from the Stock Show experts. Naturally, we set out to find the goats. 

Goat sounds led us to a barn full of the creatures. Some sleeping, others playing around and knocking horns -- all of them udder-less. 

"Where are the udders?" I asked Sarah. 

"No clue. I was thinking the same thing," she said. 



We spent another 20 mins roaming around the goat cages -- at one point I was plotting a way to steal a little goat that was too awesome to leave behind. We still found no udders. How are we supposed to practice on uddless goats?

Finally, we built up the courage to sound like idiots and ask one of the handlers nearby about the goats.

"So, we are in this milking contest in a few hours. Have any tips?" Sarah asked a couple sitting near a few goat cages.

"Don't pull, whatever you do," the woman said.

"It's not a cow. You want to just grip and press down then slide," the man said. 

"Gross," was all I had to add, along with "Ok, but why don't these have udders?"

"They are boer goats. You'll be milking dairy goats." the man said. 

I think appropriate thing to say here is "You might be city folk if..."

Sarah and I thanked them, tried to regain some diginity, and headed out. 

We may not have won the competiton -- but we had at least left the Stock Show knowing a bit more than when we left. Plus, we had a blast with the other media reps from around town. 

— Nick Dean, @bynickdean


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